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Re: Unsubscribing

> Gaz Wilson wrote:
> > Who maintains this list?  TWICE I have tried to unsubscribe now using
> > the mailing list management information that is tagged to every post.
> > And twice, it's failed to respond and let me off the list.

On 14.09.07 18:06, Amaya wrote:
> Your message might be ending up in a spam trap somewhere.

maybe not the message - the list SW sends unsubscribe confirmation and THAT
may be considered as spam on badly configured mailservers like hotmail.

(yes, many spams opt users to unsubscribe, but this one's really solicited)

> Please try to contact listmasters listmaster@lists.debian.org or zobel
> zobel@ftbfs.de directly. They are usually VERY helpful.

I don't think zobel will be glad if users will mail him directly...

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