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am-utils on Etch, amd64

We have a number of servers using amd (am-utils) successfully, and we're
trying to add another. In amd.conf I have:

	auto_dir = /a

On this new server, the directories created within /a are the FQDNs of the
hosts that are exporting (via NFS) the real directories. On all other amd
clients, the directory names in /a are the simple hostnames. I think this
is causing us a problem as we have log entries such as the following:

	Couldn't find how to unmount /a/fully.qualified.domain.name/home

We also have lots of the following in the logfiles, although I'm not sure
if this is a related (or even significant) error:

	setmntent("(null)", "r+"): Bad address

There are some differences between the new server and the existing,
working, ones, including the fact that this is an amd64 rather i386
architecture, and the version is slightly different: both Debian; working
ones are v6.0.9 (Debian Etch) and the failing one is v6.1.5 (Debian Etch).

Can anyone shed any light on the above?


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