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Re: Backup from huge Maildirs

El Thursday 13 September 2007 15:27:10 Michelle Konzack escribió:
> I am already thinking on pulling my Maildir entirely out of my FileServer
> into a stand-alone Mailserver, since it seems, I can get 19"/1U machines
> for less then 2000 Euro (using 3 WD360GD for System and 3 WD740GD for the
> Maildir in where each is a Raid1 + Hotfix)

I suggest you XFS over a LVM of SoftRaid5 for Maildir storage, fast, stable 
and scale very well.

> But then I do not know, how to handel the fetchmail and procmail recipes
> which are locate in the ${HOME} of the FileServer. Maybe I run a script
> each minute and check for changes which then use rsync to transfer the
> files to the Mailserver...

I hope you are joking, that will be a madness.

It's pretty easy, just use procmail/maildrop as MDA of your MTA, I have 
mailservers running Postfix and Qmail, and both use maildrop as MDA so I 
could have a .maildroprc file on each user Maildir then a 
general /etc/maildroprc that look if the destination user have a .maildroprc 
file and include it.

On my MailServers farm, things are like this ... :

SMTPin Server -> StorageServer
PoP3/IMAP Server <-> StorageServer
SMTPout Server <- StorageServer
WebMail Servers <-> StorageServer

I have a bunch of StorageServer in a similar fashion like a SAN, but done over 
LinuxServers serving files over GFS to "utility servers", then StorageServers 
uses 3Ware9500 S12 inside a Supermicro 933 chasis, other StorageServers does 
not have 3Ware hardware (that ones are 4 years old servers), new servers uses 
LSI SAS-SATA controlers and SoftRaid instead of HardwareRaid, they are 
cheaper to mantain and cheaper to repair.


Raúl Alexis Betancor Santana
Dimensión Virtual S.L.

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