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Re: Backup from huge Maildirs

* Marc Schiffbauer <marc@schiffbauer.net> [070908 10:46]:
> * Oliver Hitz schrieb am 03.09.07 um 19:13 Uhr:
> > 
> > No perfect solution, but I had a similar problem and solved it by using
> > reiserfs instead of ext3 for the maildirs and backup partition. ext3 is
> > much slower than reiserfs if you're handling directories containing huge
> > numbers of files.
> Do not use reiserfs if you do not want to trash your data.
> I had several bad experiences with reiserfs. 
> We used it as spool storage for a really huge MTA delivering about 80 millions
> mails per month. So many million files were created and deleted each day.
> The filesystem got corrupted from time to time without having had
> system crashes or the like.

I've used reiserfs for deep maildir maildir storage and have never had a
bad experience with it. This is on systems that do several million
deliveries a month as well, used it for several years.

I did have one instance where corruption occured, and this was after the
system hung, a reiserfsck fixed the problem. I dont find this to be
a bad experience.

> I suggest using XFS for such things. Its really fast and on this
> particular MTA the spool storage is stable since we switched to XFS.

Funny... we tried XFS and had such severe corruption, it wasn't funny.
Perhaps this was at a point when XFS wasn't quite as solid and has maybe
improved since, but I know my hair turned grey during this period.


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