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RE: How to Prevent Uploading PERL script into /tmp Directory ??


Ditro - BipinDas <mailto:bipindas.k@ditro.com> wrote on Friday, June 22,
2007 1:26 PM:

> I had implemented Mod Security 1.9 in a Debian 3 Server. My
> Apache Version is 1.3, and log says that its working fine. I
> had secured my /tmp /var/tmp /dev/shm directories. And
> umounted in /etc/fstab. But Yesterday,one attacker had upload
> a perl script into my /tmp directory.  He is continuously
> uploading scripts to that foler
> Please let me know what should do prevent an intruder to
> uploading Perl/Sh/Chsh scripts into the /tmp directories.

Fix your upload script? ;-)


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