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Re: console server wisdom

On 5/30/07, Dan MacNeil <dan@thecsl.org> wrote:
It would be nice for us to be able to remotely connect to the console of
 our various servers and on rare occasions to power cycle them remotely.

Does anyone have a 8 port console server they like ?

Console servers seem to be $100 to $200 a port. Does anyone have good
experiences with a few 4 port serial cards in an otherwise unused PC ?

Are you looking for a serial or a KVM solution?

I've seen a clever solution on a beowulf cluster: COM1 of serverX was
connected to COM2 of serverX+1.  COM1 of serverX+1 was connected to
COM2 of serverX+2, ... This way they could at least see the console of
the next server.
I personally have some experience with perle hardware
(http://www.perle.com/) but I don't have any idea about the price.

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