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Re: Rewrite html on the fly

On Mon, May 28, 2007 at 07:51:03PM +0330, Armin ranjbar wrote:
> dear all ,
> im looking for some kind of proxy server to rewrite html pages that squid 
> retrieves in transparent mode , say that i need to add between <head> </head> .
> thanks! :)
> i prefer this to be squid addon , redirector , but any other proxy server have 
> to be ok , thanks :)

It's a bugger to find a decent rewriting proxy. There seems to be some
feeling that only naughty people use them which is very widespread
among developers, so most developers won't write one.  Writers of squid
addons seem to be particularly prone to this particular irrationality.
Don't understand this myself... given the number of web designers who 
need a bullet in the head, a rewriting proxy is an invaluable tool for
restoring sanity.

Furthermore, most of them are written in interpreted languages and so
incur significant unnecessary CPU usage.

This one is written in C. Unfortunately it's a bit flaky and it hasn't
been worked on for years and some web pages crash it so I run it under



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