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Re: Promise Supertrak 8350

Keep in mind that many RAID SATA are kinda mix hardware/software raid
Does the installer detect the discs but without the array?

On 5/11/07, debisp2007@braingia.org <debisp2007@braingia.org> wrote:

Has anyone had any luck (good or bad) with the Promise Supertrak 8350
specifically related to an Etch install?  I can't seem to get the installer to
recognize the disks as being in an array.

The SATA site at linuxmafia seems to think that this card should/might be
supported generally for Linux:

I've poked around looking for updated docs on how to build a custom boot/install
CD for etch but everything I've seen appears pretty much tailored to Sarge and
even Woody.

Any pointers to help get this card working would be appreciated.

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