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Re: Debian als free Shell-server laufen lassen

Hi netbone!

(I really feel sorry for you if this is what your parents gave you...)

On Tue, 2007-04-10 13:46:24 +0200, netbone <bonez@netboneman.org> wrote:

> ich möchte free-Shells unter Debian anbieten
> aber leider klappt dies unter Debian nicht.
> Das Chrooten scheint nicht zu klappen.
> Unter anderen Linuxen hab ich es hinbekommen.
> Wo find ich eine genaue Anleitung dazu?

Well, you'd supply some logs, traces, setup description etc. that
would be helpful to review your setup.

  * What did you try to do? Where can we find all applicable
    configuration files (sshd_config, full PAM config, ...)?
  * Are any errors showing up anywhere in the logs?
  * What makes you think that it actually doesn't work?
  * Have you started the SSH daemon in debug mode to capture all its
    extended log messages?
  * Have you strace'd the SSH daemon (incl. its fork()ed childs) to
    see where it actually breaks?


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