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Re: Strange delete performance using XFS

Thomas Kaehn wrote:

I've got a strange problem on one machine using XFS. Deleting large
directories (containing about 100000 files, 20k each) using "rm -rf"
lasts nearly as long as creating the the files using a bash loop.

The machine is running Debian Sarge with a vanilla kernel.
CPU: Dual Xeon(TM) CPU 3.20GHz
RAID10: 4x 320 GB disks connected to 3ware 9550SXU-8LP (Firmware Version = FE9X

The XFS was created using default options.

Has anyone realized similar effects? On a different server (Dell 6850)
the directory can be deleted within seconds. What could be the reason
for the huge difference in delete performance?
i havent timed it yet, though i have noticed that xfs is (relativly) slow for me on deleting large quantitys of small files (linux kernel source tree with all the leftovers from compiling, maildirs with ~150000 to 200000 mails in several sub- and and subsubfolders), slower than i remember it from reiserfs for example (though i had reasons to switch). however that is not on server grade hardware...and the differences i notice can be explained from different hw (cpu, slower harddisks (destop sata vs 2.5" ide and sata).


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