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OT how works warranty

This is probably really off-topic. Maybe someone can share their experience.

We bought a server almost 2 years ago. Running GNU/Debian Linux. After a 
couple of months the machine starts failing badly (hd problems). We return it 
to the warranty people - they say they fixed it. After a month it fails 
again. We return it - they say they fixed it. This went on about three times. 
Last time we return it unpackaged. They complain, send us photos. All we can 
really see is some scratches on the chassis. They say they fix it - I put it 
up last week, fails again with same problem as before after 24 hours. Now 
they say the warranty is void (3 year on site) because we didn't ship it 
correctly. I wonder if anyone else has any ideas what to do. I mean they 
never managed to fix it and I even wonder whether they actually reproduced 
the problem.

thanks and sorry for being OT


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