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Re: Blacklisting (postfix rbl) - recent issue with blackhole.securitysage.com

Le jeudi 15 mars 2007 20:34, Robert Hensel (Hensel Hosting) a écrit :
> Hi folks,
> Yesterday, I received multiple reports from users that they had trouble
> mailing us. After checking the maillog I discovered that
> blackhole.securitysage.com seemed to block a whole lot of mail to us
> (read: all)! I of course immediatly deleted this blacklist from our
> reject_rbls but the host blackhole.securitysage.com was just
> unreacheable (also see this page
> http://wiki.openrbl.org/wiki/Blackhole.securitysage.com). Now it seems
> weird that if the rbl host is unreachable Postfix decides to simply take
> that as a "ah well, just block everything then", or maybe something else
> was going on?

I just see that on my own postfix too !

> What are you thoughts on this?

You're right, a non response is not the same as a negative response.
Postfix could consider a non response has "not blacklisted".

As I say that, I realize that it opens a breach.
Spammers have just to DDOS theses blacklists and spam will spread...

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