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Re: high performance caching bind server

--On March 12, 2007 9:57:26 AM +0100 Gregor Hermens <gregor@a-mazing.de> wrote:


Am Montag, 12. März 2007 10:43 schrieb Jean-Paul Blaquiere:
What do people use/recommend for high performance name serving?
I currently have a few servers running bind9 (9.2.4-1sarge2) serving
an average 750 requests per second running on Debian/sarge.
kernel-2.4.32 (the stats say: low: 0.00, peak: 2500, avg: 750)
We're either going to replace these, or if there is something we can do
to poke it and make them happier, we'll do that.

take a look at dnscache:


It's a caching-only server, so you don't get the overhead of using a
full-featured bind. I have a couple of them running for years without any

I can't really recommend dnscache because it breaks the DNS protocol in various ways, but the *real* problem is it doesn't do round robin, so your dns server always returns the same answer instead of round robin-ing through A records and such that are identical except for the content.

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