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Re: Webserver Redundacy

On 2/27/07, Julian De Marchi <julian@jdcomputers.com.au> wrote:
> DNS is the easiest way (publish both IPs in DNS).  Otherwise you need a
> front-end loadbalancer (which itself is subject to falling over).

Could I please have an example of a dns record? I was unaware that you could
for example have jdcomputers.com.au resolve to two ip address...

The first hit for google 'dns load balance' is:


Of course, this is not true redundancy. If one host is down, DNS doesn't know and doesn't care. It'll just point people at whichever host comes up during the query.

If you really want redundancy, you can install two load balancers in front of the web servers you have and let the load balancers (such as LVS) handle the balance. LVS set up is relatively trivial.

Good luck

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