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Re: Webserver Redundacy

Julian De Marchi wrote:
My main website is www.jdcomputers.com.au with an ip of If
for some reason this goes down I would like the domain name to point to my
"hot spare" web server ( How would I accomplish this?
Since they're on the same subnet, you can have a process on the spare that periodically pings the main server. If it fails, the script just starts answering to the main server's IP:

  ifconfig eth0:0

You may or may not have to restart/reload your httpd after doing that.

Be warned that, if your main server "comes back to life" (via a reboot or whatever) and starts answering to the IP that the spare has assumed, I imagine that mass hilarity will ensue. In other words, make sure you "ifdown eth0:0" on the spare right before you reboot your main (or, at least, before your main executes /etc/init.d/networking during the boot process).

- Joe

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