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Re: network analyzer

Wojciech Ziniewicz a écrit :
2007/2/14, Chris Parker <chris_parker@adelphia.net>:
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Hello all,

I am looking for recommendations for a network analyzer for a 1200 pc,
multiple switches and routers, size network.

Nagios groundworks opensource looks promising.  Mapping and showing
possible problems looks good.

Google searches bring back alot of choices, but I would like real world
experience advice from my fellow Debian users.

My choices :
-nagios (for a bunch of accesspoints or managed switches, eventually PC's)
-munin or jffnms for networks containing servers with several services
(because jfffnms i believe is easier to set up in such configuration)

more or less - nagios should do the work perfectly

If you like nagios try oreon software .

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