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Re: Remove mail in smarthost Exim queues sent from specific IP address

On Tue, Feb 13, 2007 at 12:48:52PM -0000, Dan Harris wrote:
> I work for an ISP and one of our customers has been reported to us for
> sending Unsolicited Bulk Email via our smarthosts, which run Exim4. We've
> disconnected the users DSL line so no more can be sent, but now we have the
> problem of removing several thousand UBEs from the outbound exim queues,
> when we only have a source IP address to go on. Is there an easy way to
> achieve this?

A combination of exipick or exiqgrep with exim -Mrm will probably do.

> Also while I'm on the subject, what is the current thinking on preventing
> this kind of abuse (accidental or otherwise)? We've looked into connection
> throttling based on the number of emails sent, but is there a better way?

Later exim versions have rather nice rate limiting options.

Additionally, most current worms can be avoided by ditching
authentication by IP address and instead requiring SMTP clients to


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