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Re: Grub 0.97 with GUID Partition Table system

On 5 Feb 2007, at 18:56, Frédéric VANNIÈRE wrote:

Now, I'd like to be able to boot the system without PXE using something like a grub. I know there is a patch for grub (July 2006) but I can't apply it to
the 0.97 version.

In the olden days you did need the patch from


to boot from a dpt_i2o/i2o_block card on 64 bit, but I didn't think that was at all necessary from 0.97 and later. Is it just that the driver for your dpt card isn't in the initrd or similar ? There may also be some other ideas on the i2o.shadowconnect.com site, it's good.


Regards, Andy Davidson
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