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RA4000 pci card

Hi People,

I have a second hand Compaq RA4000 Raid-Array, but no cables and pci card for the server.

What kind of card do I need to interact with this piece of hardware ?

Maybe someone on the list is using or ever have used this piece of hardware
and can point me in the right direction ?

Preferably, a card which the kernel actually supports :)

I found this information:
http://www.compaq.billyoungprod.com/TRK/RAID_ARRAY_4000/techresp/ adapters.htm

From what I understand, I need a 32-bit Fibre Channel Host Adapter/P and some cables.

Maybe I need even more stuff to get this to work, extra software in debian ?

Furthermore, can anyone tell me the usefullness of this unit, like if this is a piece of ancient junk or a very usefull device. From the info I read I think the later, although not very cutting edge anymore..

Thanks In Advance.

Rob Halff

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