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Re: Cluster suggestion

Luiz Felipe wrote:
> Hi everyone.
> I have a box which runs Squid, Bind, ISC DHCP and some firewall rules.
> I would like to know any suggestions about which kind of cluster should
> I build, which limitations I have etc.
> Would be nice an option with just one another machine, load balancing or
> not, but making back-up each other.
> Anyone experiences/suggestions with that?

Here's a wiki i've been working on relating to a clustered Shorewall
setup.  It may not be appropriate to your environment.

With squid and named i'd be inclined to run an instance on each machine,
and use heartbeat to manage 2 clustered IP addresses, one normally
resident on each node in your heartbeat cluster.  That way it would be
load-balanced by default, but if there were a problem with one server,
both IP addresses would migrate to the working server.  LVS is another
(better?) option.

Dhcpd doesn't need to be clustered as long as you can ping the clients
from the server.  Just run a copy with the same configs on each server.
 There are some additional options that you can use to let the two
servers talk to each other, but in small-to-medium-sized environments,
i've not found that to be necessary.

In all of these cases, you should probably keep configs on a separate
admin system and rsync them to your target cluster nodes.

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