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Re: Just received a fail event from mdadm (UncorrectableError), is my drive dead?

2006/12/6, Mike Garey <random51k@gmail.com>:
alright, I've finally gotten around to replacing the failed drive (I
know, I know, should've done this as soon as it failed, but I've been
so busy I hadn't had a chance until now).  Anyway, the drive that
failed was a 160 gig Maxtor IDE, so I purchased another 160 gig Maxtor
drive to replace it, but I couldn't get the exact same drive, I
ordered the closest thing I could find.  I was just trying to copy
over the partition table from the working drive (hda) to the new drive
(hdc) by using:

If it's high availabilty system or sth. and you can't down the machine
.etc. you could add one random-size disk -  let's say 80 GB and
create an lvm group (hdc and new disk hdx ) to fit into an array with
hda. very simple .

otherwise i would do what you said.

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