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Re: Large file uploads via PHP

The problem is ftp is pretty crap, then you end up having to trouble
shoot all sorts of annoying ftp client / firewall hassles, passive VS
non passive, telling people to use filezilla because a web browser is a
really crap ftp client when used through a proxy.. etc etc..
Not to mention trying to use secure ftp through a firewall.

but yes uploading via http / php brings a whole pile of its own
problems, it would be good to have a solution that doesn't bring in all
the problems ftp has.

WinSCP seems like a possible solution here... free GPL windows client,
and a backend that uses normal Linux components, still it's extra
software to install, would be nice to have it all in the browser.

On Fri, 2006-12-01 at 21:23 -0700, Nate Duehr wrote:
> John Miller wrote:
> > After all this mucking around, the file still took 20 minutes to 
> > upload--over our LAN, no less!  While the file was being written to the 
> > upload_tmp_dir (/tmp), the php4 process gobbled over 100MB RAM.  If this 
> > only happened once a day, we might be able to live with it, but ten 
> > concurrent uploads of this size would pretty much bring things to a 
> > halt.  How have you all handled this?
> We teach them how to use Efffff Teeee Peeee.
> Nate

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