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Debian on an IBM SAN

Greetings all,

Well, I guess I'm lucky:  my bosses have gone and bought the works. IBM
bladecenter with LS20 blades (with dual Opteron 64-bit processors), and
a Fibre Channel SAN including an IBM DS4300 disk system with FC disks.
The fibre channel adapters are QLogic QLA2312.

Has anyone had success running Debian on a setup like this?

I've so far managed to install the QLogic firmware (apt-get install
firmware-qlogic) and to get the module to load it by rebuilding the
ramdisk (dpkg-reconfigure kernel-image-...)

I haven't succeeded in making any fibre channel disk devices visible to
the kernel yet.  Any pointers as to how to proceed further?

Best regards,

George Karaolides
System Administrator

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