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Re: Apache and rotating Logs (for each VHost)

At 07:12 PM 8/23/2006 +0200, Michelle Konzack wrote:
>But this would prevent Real-Time-Logs for the owner of the VHost.

So the guys want to have a web page that shows them instantly what their
usage stats are?  How old do they expect the data to be, one day?  Whatever
that interval is, that's how often u should rotate the logs.

>Over the Internet?  :-/

Over ur LAN of course.  U have ur web host and reporting servers right next
to each other and going into the same switch.

>If I use ONlYy one Logfile, which Interval should I use
>for rotation?  -  Since my $USER want realtime logs.

see above

>Note:   The controll-interface i inside of the VHost.
>        This is why I write the logs to ~/log/apache/

~/log/apache can be a symlink over NFS to the reporting server.  That way
the logs go directly there and can be mulled over by a dedicated cpu.  Also
only one mount needed.  The user's real time stats page would be accessible
by a second apache running on the reporting server, not the main web host.

So something like:
mount -t nfs reporting:/logtree /logtree
ln -s ~/log/apache /logtree/user1/

"...ne cede malis"


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