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Reverse DNS


A few day's ago a finished reorganizing my lan an my dns server.... (3 servers).

The problem is that i can't seem to be able to set up reverse dns....

part of zone file :::

$TTL    3600
@                       IN      SOA     ns1.cibernet.ro. raul.cibernet.ro. (
                                       2006081601      ; serial
                                       7200            ; refresh
                                       900             ; retry
                                       1209600         ; expire
                                       172800          ; minimum
                       NS              ns1.cibernet.ro.
                       NS              ns2.cibernet.ro. PTR ns1.cibernet.ro. PTR ns2.cibernet.ro. PTR reserved-cls1-3.cibernet.ro. PTR reserved-cls1-4.cibernet.ro. PTR reserved-cls1-5.cibernet.ro. PTR reserved-cls1-6.cibernet.ro. PTR reserved-cls1-7.cibernet.ro. PTR reserved-cls1-8.cibernet.ro. PTR reserved-cls1-9.cibernet.ro. PTR reserved-cls1-10.cibernet.ro. PTR reserved-cls1-11.cibernet.ro. PTR reserved-cls1-12.cibernet.ro. PTR reserved-cls1-13.cibernet.ro PTR reserved-cls1-14.cibernet.ro. PTR unused.cibernet.ro. PTR unused.cibernet.ro. PTR router-rovine-10.cibernet.ro. PTR router-rebreanu-62.cibernet.ro. PTR router-abator-bloc-turn.cibernet.r

what am i doing wrong ????

10x for your time ...

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