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Re: pam-pgsql and libnss-pgsql1

This one time, at band camp, Michelle Konzack said:
> Hello *,
> Under Woody it was working fine even there where some security issuse.
> Now under Sarge it does not more work.
> Does anyone use it successfuly and can me provide a working config for
> Sarge please?
> Currently I have switched it off and distribute files via scp from an
> automated script.
> And NO, my customer do not want to use LDAP for his 23.000 Computers!

First, it works fine on alioth, so it's not that it doesn't work.  Some
parameters may have changed - please reread the README and so on.  I
can't give you any advice at all based on 'does not work'.  There is a
fine FAQ about asking intelligent questions, but I'm sure you've seen it
already, so I won't bore you with the details.

Second, LDAP was designed for exactly this sort of thing.  What's the
problem with it?  Admittedly LDAP has a steep learning curve, but it
mostly Just Works when you've got it set up properly.
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