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Re: Debian sarge Mysql 4.1 (Too many connections)

On Wed, Aug 09, 2006 at 01:28:12PM +1200, Simon wrote:
> Thanks for the replies. WOW, move all my sites to progresql? What
> about the 150 or so products/systems that are NOT on my server, but
> that we have developed? Sorry i dont have a month worth+ of all my
> developers time up my sleve for that one!
> As above: *smack*, sheesh!
I guess I was being a bit flippant.  Sorry for that.  However, I stand
by what I said earlier that there is no good reason to develop web apps
which are not portable across databases.

> Anyway, I found that "wait_timeout = 28800" (the default setting), so
> added "wait_timeout = 300" under the [mysqld_safe] section in the
> my.cnf file, and now persistant mysql connections (via PHP) drop off
> after 5 mins, rather than 8 hours.
> Ive also uppped the max_connections to 1000, our server's load average
> is 0.32, so it should be OK :)
Good luck.



Roberto C. Sanchez

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