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Re: Debian modules

Jim Popovitch:
I've installed Debian Sarge on a few *servers*, and I see that the
default kernel loads many more modules than I need (snd_*, floppy,
vesafb, etc.)  Is there a way to prevent Sarge from loading a bunch of
crap automatically?

IIRC, assuming 2.4 kernels you just turn off the modules you don't want by aliasing them to off in modules.conf. 2.4 wasn't so bad about loading modules at boot, it waited until you tried to use a device.

2.6 and udev in Etch was harder for me. I wanted to disable some modules from loading and it took me a while (and fruitless googling) to figure out that discover was loading them and how to tell it not to. I mention it here in hopes it's easier to find for the next guy.

I hope that answers your question well enough.


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