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Re: route throught wall or above the head ?

2006/6/25, Ward Vandewege <ward@pong.be>:
> would cost about 400 Euro or use an alternative setup: putting two
> wireless 811b/g AP and use them to make a bridge. These aps (that i have
> available, D-link 2000+) are given for 300 m in open space . the distance
> between buldings is 380, with such apparates i have been able with their
> plastic collinear to reach only about 100m, using a portable pc on the
> other end. so i think with a better antenna on each end i could be able to
> reach the 400 m (1 MB speed could be acceptable).
I would take the temporary link.
Unless you use 5 GHz links you will have packet lost even while not raining etc.
With Tsunami or similiar hardware it would be easier to set up such
link and maintain it's reliability but it's also more expensive..
So take the 400 Euro link..
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