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Re: Modify the route table with C

Hi Michael,

> > But my server is a customized ARM machine.It don't have the program
> > 'route'.So I must find a way to modify route table myself.
> If you can execute a "netstat -rn", maybe you can run a tool such as
> "strace" on it to verify what resources are being used.. Then writing to
> those might work.
> Else, check in startup scripts how routes are being issued..  If you get
> an IP address over DHCP, the DHCP client source code will give you good
> results as well.

Can you give an example with netstat -rn and strace on the shell?

I know a little bit with lsof but strace and network issues to grep them
out I'am not familiar with.

Thank's a lot!

Freedom for Tibet!
Best Regards,


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