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Re: More sorbs blacklisting [signed]

Charles Chambers [c] wrote:

addressing it with them, or consider changing them. He who has the gold, makes the rules.

that's why we've got the spam as an issue, right?
all we do is to tremble, make enourmous efforts to blacklist and whitelist, to graylist, pinklist, redlist, bluelist, pornlist, gaylist, viagralist... consider making "goodlist" - it seems that if not at the moment, but in the near future, this will be the shortest one.

i am not joking. just think about it as a reverse registration. if you want to have a mailserver in the isp's netblock, you do register it with the netblock "owner". if you do spam - you are "grayed out" in additional list. if your isp does not exclude you from their list of registered mailservers, or you do not fix the issue, your isp got in the gray. same shit but with one major diffference. you are listed as "good" _manually_. nor as of it now - all of the hosts can send mail and we are suspicious about all of them.

so, you buy "pro dsl" - you have a "mail server package". you "activate it" and your isp lists you in their dns as "mail server" - and you can send mail as a "server". all others must use different, also registered server to do it.

pretty sure that this is not new idea. why we are wasting our time just to make spammers life more funny?

we are placing single doors on a bare plains to STOP "bad guys", instead of making fence and making doors only for the "good ones".


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