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Re: Does the latest version of Debian support Dual Core Processors?

On Tue, Jun 13, 2006 at 10:48:30AM -0500, Stephen Burris wrote:
> I am ready to purchase HW for a Debian based web and email server. The 
> hardware that I want to use is:
> Intel D945GTPL 945G Mainboard

The four SATA ports on this board are most likely an ICH7 which is
not supported by the kernel in Debian Sarge.  The on-board
82573V/82574V probably also is not yet supported by the e1000 driver
in that kernel.

I recently installed amd64 Sarge onto a similar system (a Celeron
D CPU on a motherboard with same chipset, ICH7 SATA and 82574V
gigabit ethernet) by:

- booting with Ubuntu Dapper amd64 live dvd

- setting up my partitions, software raid, lvm, etc

- doing cdebootstrap

- building/installing up to date kernel

- installing grub

- praying and rebooting

> Intel Pentium D805 Dual core 2.66GHz
> Will Debian be able to run on this hardware without modification?

The CPU will work as dual core as long as you boot a kernel with SMP
support.  Note that the D805 is an EM64T processor so you could run
either 32-bit i386 or 64-bit amd64 architecture.


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