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Re: mail "spamlists" again:cbl.abuseat.org

On Tue, Jun 06, 2006 at 07:22:08PM +0300, Boris Pavlov wrote:
> someone using cbl.abuseat.org in their mail filters?
> any problems with false spam positives? friends of mine repeadetly fall 
> here, w/o being elsevere listed (xcept spamhaus w/ remark "being listed 
> in cbl")? do someone know how they "compose" their lists - what are 
> their "various sources" et cetera?

If only this mysterious "CBL" had a web site.

Maybe they do have one, but without some sort of web site indexing
service where one could put in obvious key words in the hope of
returning the most relevant pages, I fear the chances of discovering
it are slim.

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