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LVM & ext3 recovery


I had LVM (in fact it was still LVM1) on 4 SCSI disks, but one of it suddenly
died. I have copied entire system to pair of new disks (this time with RAID),
but as /home was partially on the bad disk, I copied it from backup. But
because the backup was few days old, I would like to recover at least some data
from the old LV.

I was able to mount other LVs in rescue mode using vgchange -P, but it printed
some errors for LV home (in fact the only LV which was partially on the bad

So is it possible to read at least data which are on the good disks? What is
needed for that? I will be doing it on other computer... How to mount such
incomplete partition? I have found 2 live CD distributions which may be handy
for doing all this - INSERT and RIPLinuX.

Thanks for any ideas...

  bYE, Marki

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