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Re: real time content filtering - is there hope?

Andy Smith wrote:

On Thu, May 25, 2006 at 09:30:48AM -0500, Rodney Richison wrote:
Is there any hope at all for real-time spam/virus filtering using
postfix or exim? Everything I find says low volume sites only..

Where "low volume" is still quite a generous number of emails/day on
modern hardware..

Just wondering.  It would be nice...

How many emails are you expecting?  You can do what you want with
exim, making callouts to spamd and clamav for example, you'll just
need a little bit more hardware than you would if you were accepting
the mail and then scanning it later.
I'm about as "low volume" as you could get compared to you guys. Total of only about 3000 emails a day. Of course, I'm not including those rejected outright already using rbls, etc. which would just about double that for a total connection attempts of 6000 daily.

There's no such thing as a free lunch and content filtering is the
most expensive part of accepting an email.

For my volume, I wonder where I might find some suggested hardware requirements. I'm currently running raid1-scsi dual 700mhz 1-gig ram

 If you want to do it
during the SMTP conversation then this is going to slow down the
rate at which you can accept and deal with mails, but it's probably
still worth it.
The benifit I percieve might be to "tighten" down the settings a bit.

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