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Re: real time content filtering - is there hope?

On Thursday 25 May 2006 23:21, Richard Spindler wrote:
> 2006/5/25, Rodney Richison <rodney@rcrcomputing.com>:
> > Is there any hope at all for real-time spam/virus filtering using
> > postfix or exim? Everything I find says low volume sites only..
> http://dspam.nuclearelephant.com/
> > DSPAM has been implemented on many large and small
> > scale systems with the largest being reported at about
> > 350,000 mailboxes.
> >
> > DSPAM has been designed to run with a very short execution
> > time (between 0.01s - 0.03s real time for classification and
> > between 0.03s - 0.10s real time for training, on average
> > hardware)

We are working on implementing DSPAM here, and so far it seems pretty nice.  
The other nice thing is that DSPAM can be configured to directly talk to 
clamd via a port, so there is no need to add another layer to the Postfix 
content filter stack.  Once you have DSPAM configured (albeit, it can be a 
bit daunting) and talking to Clamd, you add about ten lines to the postfix 
config, and the two of them are talking.  Really slick.


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