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Re: problem, mailscanner stops

Christoph Ulrich Scholler wrote:

On 20.05. 19:21, Erik Persson wrote:
I'm runnning a mail server on debian sarge, postfix 2.1.5-9, mailscanner 4.41.3-2, spamassassin 3.0.3-2 and clamav volatile.

Wietse Venema, postfix's author is quite vocal about the fact that the
postfix queue format is considered an internal interface not to be used
outside of postfix.  MailScanner manipulates postfix queue files
directly, which can lead to all kinds of weird behavior.

I'm well aware of the fact that Wietse Venema considers the postfix queue format an internal interface, and that he advise against using malscanner of this reason (the queue file format is not documented and it may change whithout notice etc). That does not change the fact that I and a lot of people use this setup, and most, I guess, without problems. It doesn't explain the fact that my setup has been working for months without problem but now suddenly fails under certain conditions.

I guess the problem is either one of misconfiguration from my side, or a bug in mailscanner. I further *guess* it has nothing to do with the postfix queue file format. The direct problem seems to lie in the fact that a non queue file gets copied to a queue file directory. Somewhere this *may* be due to the fact that mailscanner uses an undocumented interface, but it could be unrelated to this. In either case, if it is due to mailscanner, I guess it could be fixed by checking the files that gets copied. But, of course, it is probably even more likly that it is due to a misconfiguration from my side.

Anyway, has anybode else had this problem?




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