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Re: External IP to internal host

Marek Net Admin wrote:
I have IP address pool: -
For Debian router I would assign
For hosts behind router (in internal network) I would assign and this internal hosts must be visible from external
network (Internet).

INTERNET ---------- Debian Router ----------- Host1,          Host2.....

What should I do to make this working?

How are the external ips routed to you? That is, how is your internal and exernal network configured? How is the router configured etc. It is impossible to answer your question whithout knowing this.

You could for example route the external ips to your internal network and then set up extra interfaces with external ips (this would involve host routes since you have not a subnet but only some "stray" ip-adresses, and it would also involve configuring the other routers on your external net to use your router as a router to those ips). You could also DNAT the external ips to internal ips on the router if the external ips are router to your router. You could also change the ips of the computers on the internal network to your knew addresses. There are lot of options, and they depend on how the internal and external network is configured and what you really want.

But as I said, it is hard to answer your question without knowledge of your network configuration. Thus, what is the external ip of your router - i guess it's among the range since this is not a subnet. In that case you either need to configure the router as a switch (or just use an ordinary switch or switching hub), proxy arp for the other addresses and then route them or DNAT them to your internal network, or change the other routers on the external network to use your router as the router to your external ips.



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On Friday 12 May 2006 18:08, Marek Net Admin wrote:

I've received pool of external IP addresses from my ISP. How to configure Debian 3.1 to work with this addresses in internal network? I would like assign external addresses to internal host using DHCP and I know how to do this, but i don't know host to make work external addreses in internal network.

I'm not sure I understand. You've done what exactly? And what exactly
doesn't work? The ideal situation you're trying to achieve is...?


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