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ftp, chmod and .files

I was required by the boss to set a computer where some users could get in
using ms-IEexplorer using the syntax:
ftp://username@theirdomain.com to upload and download files.
It works, however there are three problems:
 1. it is not possible to change the permission of the file from ftp
(wu-ftp says> "502 CHMOD command not implemented." from a plain ftp
session, IE give a "server does not allow change of permissions".
 2. to be sure that anyone log in the same directory (the users are
in two groups, each one shares a common directory) i have set in
passwd file the field home as "/home/commongroupN", this way however when
one use usermin to change password the .usermin file is written there!
Do no tell me to make a personal diretory and then a link to the common
one, since MSIE does not cross symlinkd (they have to log to the personale
directory, then manually write the full url of th common one.
 and the boss does not accept this .. neither to use a text ftp that n
turn works fine.
 3. they want to uesa an off the shelf win-xp as client so use of sftp
clients or a VPN to the host is ut of question (it is out of question
also use SMB).

Leonardo Boselli
want to 

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