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Re: OT: sorbs blacklisting scam

What timing! I just set up a vps last month, and just found out the ip I was assigned is on the SORBS block list. When I looked it up in their database, their last seen date was 2004. Their policies state that they won't unblock you without payment if you were assigned a blocked ip address from your upstream provider (still waiting to hear from them). I agree their policies sound very suspicious.

The only blocklist I use is the spamhaus list. They are very reliable. The only problems I ever ran into were cases that were traced back to a customer's virus infected computer. Getting them delisted was simple, once they cleaned up the virus problem.
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Shane Chrisp wrote:
On Friday 21 April 2006 00:19, Hans du Plooy wrote:
On Thu, 2006-04-20 at 15:37 +0000, Andy Smith wrote:
It really depends on which of the SORBS DNSBLs you are on, since
they all have differwent criteria and policies.
Which RBLs would you recommend, should someone want to use it?

Here we use the following. We have never had an issue with SORBS. We dont use 
the duhl list from sorbs, only the spam, proxies and socks lists.


and our own internal list which we use for large netblocks.



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