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Re: Multi server package management

On 4/9/06, Simon <greminn@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi There, I have posted this to debian-user... But i thought i would
> quickly post it here as well to see if anyone has any feedback:
> We are gathering quite a few debian servers now and have
> just started testing a debian xen server, thus giving us more debian
> servers :). Is there anything out there to manage the packages on all
> these servers? (kind of like how redhat does it online). A nice
> web-based tool would be good! I suppose i would want:
> 1stly: Central reporting for all servers (updates etc)
> 2ndly: A way to then apply those updates
> With a bit of thought, i could get something up and running myself i
> supose, but i just wondered if there is anything already before i do.

See https://dev.ubuntubrasil.org/trac/nwu

Nwu is "network wide updates for system that use APT".

It's a working prototype under heavy development. It works fine but
haven't been tested in many sites, which explains why I haven't
announced it broadly.

Deb packages are available, and Gustavo Noronha (kov) has offered to
upload it to unstable when it's more stable.

I am the lead developer so if you need any help I'd be glad to help.

nwu + apt-proxy would solve your problem, I guess.

Yves Junqueira
http://www.cetico.org - yves.junqueira@gmail.com
Brasília, Brasil

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