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Re: Multi server package management

Simon wrote:
Hi There, I have posted this to debian-user... But i thought i would
quickly post it here as well to see if anyone has any feedback:

We are gathering quite a few debian servers now and have
just started testing a debian xen server, thus giving us more debian
servers :). Is there anything out there to manage the packages on all
these servers? (kind of like how redhat does it online). A nice
web-based tool would be good! I suppose i would want:

1stly: Central reporting for all servers (updates etc)
2ndly: A way to then apply those updates

With a bit of thought, i could get something up and running myself i
supose, but i just wondered if there is anything already before i do.
Hi !

I am running Xen servers in production for my hosting customers as well, and my main trouble was the slowness of security.debian.org. One option is to setup squidd in transparent proxy mode so updates are a lot lot quicker (because all the needed updates are downloaded only once).

I hope that helps,


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