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Re: Aespipe and tar

* Andrew Miehs schrieb am 02.03.06 um 16:03 Uhr:
> Dear List,
> Is there anyway that you can make aespipe take a password from the command
> line? I need to hand store some tapes (tar) offsite, and wanted to encrypt
> them. I have also tried with gpg, but this also requires a password to be
> entered when the script is run...
> Any good ideas?

How about that:

tar czv /etc | aespipe -p3 -eAES256 -C128 3< /etc/aespipe.pwd > etc.tgz 

this way you can put some chars from /dev/random into the
password-file to make the backup have a very good passphrase.

Or without password-file maybe like that:

tar czv /etc/ | aespipe -p3 -eAES256 -C128 3<<EOP > etc.tgz

8AAC 5F46 83B4 DB70 8317  3723 296C 6CCA 35A6 4134

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