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Install disaster: Intel ICH7 with Debian and Xen

Hello all,

I've fight almost 2 days to try to setup a D945GNTL motherboard from intel. I wanted to install a Debian Sarge on it, and run Xen 2.0.7 on it. Unfortunately, it seems that :

1/ Sarge kernel is too old for the IDE ICH7 south bridge
2/ Etch fails to install if using LVM + RAID1 and that motherboard (I used the first initrd option at the end of the setup when doing grub: could it be why?) 3/ Xen 2.0.7 wont ever work with ICH7 because Linux does strange memory mapping with it and it's only corrected in Xen 3.

I don't want to suffer from such experiments again, so I've doubled checked everything about ICH6. It seems to work well with the 2.6.8-2 kernel series, and with Xen too. Did any of you had an issue with it before or can I safely get a Intel 915 or 925 chipset?

I need to have 4GB and 2x300 SATA with P4 775 socket because that is what I had for the intel motherboard. Did any of you know of a good (wide spread) product that I could get shipped in few days in the US?

Thanks in advance for those who will take the time to answer,

   Thomas Goirand

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