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Re: Exim issues

Nate Duehr wrote:
Steve Redlich wrote:

Since last Saturday, the system has slowed to a crawl, taking over a
minute to send an e-mail, if it doesn't time out. Seems to be independant
of the client (ie Squirrelmail on server, Outlook on client, whatever).

Check to see if you have IPv6 enabled anywhere if you're on a Sarge box.

I noticed that on a box and network I don't much care about, that a.gtld-servers.net and b.gtld-servers.net both wouldn't respond at all.

Looking further, my db.root file had IPv6 addresses in it for those two machines, and ifconfig shows some IPv6 junk on the eth0 and eth1 interfaces that I certainly didn't put there. Some pre-configuration script in some package at some point added that crap without asking if I wanted IPv6 support, it would appear.

I didn't get a chance to dig (boooo... bad pun... dig...) further to see if I needed to do a root server update file for that machine, since it is running it's own copy of BIND as a resolver for itself... or whether I could kill the bad DNS behaviour by ifdown'ing the IPv6 junk on the interfaces...


Hmm looking futher... (man I need to go to bed), this probably isn't the problem. I can ping the a.gtld-servers.net machine, but can't do any GTLD lookups off of it with dig.


Probably missed some announcement somewhere where someone thought it was a good idea to break that.

Oh well, I no longer run DNS servers for an ISP so I don't even bother keeping up with all the fun and games of the roots these days...


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