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Re: Recommendations for server, 2 take

On Thursday 12 January 2006 04:34, Dave Watkins wrote:
> Even though this chipset will allow you to setup an array, that array
> won't be visable to linux, you will almost certainly still see 2 drives.
> The reason for this is that all chipset based RAID is software raid, and
> all the manufacturers put the raid functions into the drivers. Obviously
> linux has it's own software RAID system and so doesn't allow it to
> duplicated into every SATA controllers chipset. You have 2 options
> really, the first is to ignore what the chipset can do and use it as a
> controller and setup linux software raid with mdadm etc. The second is
> to buy a real SATA hardware like card like those from 3ware.

I think I remember a friend having to patch and self-compile the kernel on a 
machine for 3ware support. Is this still the case (talking stock debian 
kernels)? In my opinion using self-compiled kernels on servers isnt something 
I want to do. 


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