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Re: mod_security and modules order

Marek Podmaka schrieb:

  what is the correct order of apache 1.3 modules with regard to
  correct function of mod_security? After installing mod_security I

AFAIK the order of LoadModule does not matter at all. What does matter, is that directives such as SetEnvIf are given *after* the correspondent module was loaded.

  I have set-up few SetEnvIf directives to disable mod_security for
  some requests (chunked requests from wap-enabled mobile phones), but
  it seems it's ignoring me :) So I thought maybe it's problem in
  modules order...

in these cases, where i'm not sure if one directive is interpreted at all, i often inject syntax errors, e.g. "SetEnvIf some-bogus-thing" and watch, what apache has to tell me ;-)

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