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Re: sharing single virtual ipaddress in both the machines

hi keith thanks for you prompt reply and you explanation is so clear and i will follow the direction you have show.thanks a lot mate.

Keith Edmunds <keith@midnighthax.com> wrote:
Radhika wrote:
> In this diagram they are sharing a single virtual ip(i.e
> in both the machines.
> How to configure single virtual ip sharing in both the machine.

You don't configure the same address on both machines. That is a virtual
address which one machine OR the other has on a masqueraded interface,
and LVS software will bring up that address on one server. If that
server fails then the LVS software will bring up that address on the
other server. The whole process is controlled by the heartbeat. On the
URL you quoted is a paragraph that starts "To configure heartbeat..."
which includes links to sample files. That is what you need to
configure, and that is what will control the virtual address for you.


Keith Edmunds

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