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Re: How to `handle` all subdomain requests of a specified zone?

On Fri, Nov 11, 2005 at 08:11:11PM +0100, Ivo Marino wrote:
> Hello folks,
>    I would like to configure my DNS server (Debian based BIND 9) in
> order to handle `automagically` all subdomain requests of a given zone.
>    I'll try to explain with an example: Let's assume I manage the zone
> foo.org and would like to handle each subdomain request like bar.foo.org
> or blech.foo.org as a CNAME to foo.org -- This should happen dynamically
> in order to handle ALL *.foo.org subdomains automatically as CNAMEs.
>    Does BIND 9 support this kind of dynamic DNS zone handling? I've seen
> something similar on tinusi.com, e.g. when I ask for
> abcdefg123456.tinusi.com this will return me a CNAME to tisumi.com,
> whether 'abcdefg123456' exists as a valid (static) DNS zone or not.

Does :

*.foo.org.           3600 IN CNAME foo.org.

not work for you? 


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