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Re: megaraid and 2.6 kernel

Ted Cabeen said:
> "R. W. Rodolico" <stargazer@rodolico.org> writes:
>> I do not find a megaraid_mbox driver. I did a grep -i mega .config
>> and all it came back with was the one megaraid module.
> Have you done a make oldconfig in your 2.6 kernel directory?
> The two MEGARAID config options I have are CONFIG_MEGARAID_NEWGEN
> and
> CONFIG_MEGARAID_LEGACY.  Any reason you're running 2.6.8 instead of
> 2.6.14?

I have done the make oldconfig, but thanks for asking. Didn't even
know that existed until I began building xen kernels the other day.

I've not been using the 2.6.14 because it is not available as an
option under sarge. I've been acting very narrowly.

However, just before checking the group, I went to kernels.org and
downloaded the 2.6.8 and the 2.6.14 kernel. From there, the 2.6.8
kernel has only CONFIG_SCSI_MEGARAID in the .config file. The 2.6.14
CONFIG_MEGARAID_SAS. I'm just going to build that.

If I'm reading this right, however, the 2.6 kernel from Sarge will
not run if the megaraid driver is needed. I'm 99% sure, from
everything I've read and what you've told me, the .14 will fix all
the issues. I'll let you know.



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